the importance of

developing talent


In the competitive environment today, it is essential that all employees perform at their peak.

While many employees know what they are to do and even can describe how to do it, in the end, they do not do it. Even when they do it, the quality level may not be high enough or often enough for the individual or the organization to be successful.

Hiring Is Only

The First Step

man-woman-handshakeHiring a talented person that is motivated is not enough. How employees are developed is key to their performance, job satisfaction, and even retention.

Employees must be developed, which includes training, coaching, and management to perform at their peak. Management’s essential elements include setting expectations, providing rewards and creating accountability.



Development begins on the employee’s first day. Using Outlaw Group’s On-Boarding Guide and information from the pre-employment assessment, the manager can understand what the individual needs to perform best and immediately begin developing a relationship.

Connecting with the employee, especially when done early, promotes trust and builds engagement.


Using information from the assessments combined with Outlaw Group’s Coaching Guide enables the manager to not only spot potential problems early, but also provides guidance on ways to resolve them. The information and guide make it easy for a manager to not only keep the employee on track, but to also get the greatest performance using a positive and supportive approach.

hand-shakeJob Skills

Continuous development of specific job skills, from simple math to advanced customer service, enables the employee to not only be more effective in the current position, but also provides the ability to take on more significant challenges.

Measuring skills and providing a roadmap to improvement encourages engagement and increases motivation. Skill development can be done easily online and integrated into the individual’s career development, which is especially important to Millennials.

Sales Competency

Developing an employee’s sales competency is incredibly difficult; as it involves skills, knowledge, activities, and relationships. Much of what is needed is not easily taught in books or workshops. To even know what to develop or change must be discovered by observation; and many managers do not have the skill or take the time to fully identify the effectiveness of the sales behaviors essential for competence. Our Executive Sales Analysis enables a salesperson and the manager to accurately measure competence in 15 critical sales behaviors to create a pathway to greater productivity and success.

Our proprietary¬†Business Technology Executive Sales Analysis is specially tailored for those who sell information technology or office technology. It not only accurately measures competence, but also identifies the changes needed and guides in the creation of a personal development plan. After a period of development, the individual’s competence can be measured again to ensure progress has been made, and a path for further development is charted.

man shaking hand of woman in meetingLeadership Development

It is difficult to go from being an individual contributor to managing others. Our Leading for Results is an online course designed to build leadership skills and is especially useful for helping first-time managers transition from being an individual contributor to managing others. It is modularized to be easily customized to the situations and challenges a group is facing.

Executive Coaching

Executives often need a sounding board or even to understand how to improve their effectiveness. Executive coaching provides a confidential and supportive sounding board to get outside input, an objective view of their leadership style, and ways to improve it. It challenges assumptions, helps achieve clarity, provides resources, and yes, sometimes, with permission, provides advice.

With the help of behavioral assessments and 360 surveys, we help the leader gain self-awareness, build confidence, establish development goals and increase effectiveness.

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