Your selection decision
is more crucial than ever because of the threat of legal action and turnover.

Legal Risks

The scrutiny of the public and the ease of recording an officer's interactions with individuals pose a considerable risk of liability if there is any misconduct or policy violation.

Imagine having:

Turnover Risks

Approximately 20% of those who enter the academy fail.

Departments are experiencing record levels of turnover due to retirement and officers simply leaving the profession. Even the newly hired turnover rate makes it even more difficult to be fully staffed.

It is critical to source and select those who have the attitudes, values, and beliefs of officers who do not engage in misconduct even under stress to create liability for the department and those they serve.

Budget Drain

Those you hire that leave before becoming a certified officer create a significant budget drain.

In the past year, how many budget dollars were lost because of salaries benefits, training, equipment, and even effort to replace those who left prematurely?

Consider the impact of turnover on your department morale, the additional training and supervision of new newly hired officers, and especially the effect on the community because of the lack of continuity and experience.


What We Can Do For You


Outlaw Group provides an easier way to keep your talent pipeline filled with high-quality candidates


Picking the right person to hire has never been more difficult. More applicants simply make the job harder.

Retaining Talent

Outlaw Group provides innovative, proven ways to keep your critical positions filled.

Talent Consulting

Outlaw Group provides the expertise to ensure your long-term staffing success.


Take The Next Step To Better Policing

We assist by sourcing, selecting and developing the best talent. Continuing these elements into talent consulting are just a few of the resources available to help you build a better business.

Analyze Needs

Provide Tools

Train Recruiters

Provide Support

Just What You Needed

Smart Talent Sourcing

It makes each step in the law enforcement candidate acquisition process simple, intuitive, and effective
resulting in positions filled with professional, community-oriented officers that do not represent a threat
to the community and department.

What’s the secret?
Innovative technology, easy implementation, Outlaw Group’s proven tools specifically adapted to solve
Law Enforcement’s staffing issues.

Results Produced

A medium-sized police department Is Implementing the Outlaw Group’s Law Enforcement Smart
Staffing System.

Lower turnover resulted in a lower demand to hire officers which translated into future costsavings of over half a million dollars that could be reallocated in the department’s budget.

These savings can be used for needed equipment, projects, and even pay increases.


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